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Top Questions To Ask Before Buying A Central Air Conditioner Unit

If you go to a company that is selling air conditioning units in Chattanooga, or they come to your house to give you a quote, this person will follow a very common routine. They will look at your furnace and AC unit, check the electrical panel and thermostat, all the while using questions to size you up as they are about to make their pitch. It will show you the price for the AC unit that they want to install, and it really doesn’t matter if you need it.

There are companies that will give salespeople several different units to choose from. However, what you will find is that most of them will only refer you to ultra high efficiency unit which are going to cost a lot more than what you would pay with the unit that would work just as well for you that will cost less.

A question that they commonly do not ask when they are trying to actually sell you something you do not need is…

Are you going to be in this home for more than five years?

So why is asking this question so meaningful?

The reason is that if you are going to move, you are not going to want to install something that is extremely expensive, and will probably be fine with a 13 SEER unit. There is absolutely no reason to spend the extra money because you are not going to be there for very long, and since you will not be there, the savings that you will receive on that electric bill are not going to benefit you.

Sometimes there are exceptions. If you have a home which is quite large and expensive, it’s probably a good idea to get a new a/c system that is more expensive because at some point in time you might want to sell it and this would be a great selling point.

Before you decide on any AC unit for your home, you need to ask yourself the five year question. If there is a chance that you are going to be selling your home at during this timeframe, it’s always better to install something basic instead of one that is highly efficient, which is exactly what salespeople will want to sell you. It always pays to keep the strategies in mind to make sure you get exactly what you need.

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