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Emergency Air Conditioning Service

Emergency Air Conditioning Service

Chattanooga’s Fastest Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service

Emergency Air Conditioning Service In Chattanooga – We’ll be there when you call!

If you need to have emergency services for your air conditioning unit, our company is committed to helping you get it fixed as fast as possible, doing everything the right way – the first time we come out. Our certified technicians are able to do reliable and fast emergency services on your HVAC systems seven days a week, even on holidays.

Upfront And Fixed Rate Pricing For Any And All Emergency A/C Repairs Within 50 Miles of Chattanooga

The services that we offer are going to be on a fixed priced basis for whatever repairs that you need. Once you have called us, and have set the appointment, you will know how much it will cost you regardless of how long it takes to get your AC running again.

We do the fixed pricing for every air conditioning repair so that our customers do not have to worry about:

    • Open-ended hourly billing
    • Hidden charges
    • Paying more for the same repair
    • Technicians that suggest repairs that are not actually necessary
    • You can actually check on our schedule by giving us a call. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    • Call Us For An Emergency A/C Service Call To Help You Out
    • Emergency Repairs Are Not Going To Cost You Any Extra Money. We don’t charge more if it’s after hours.
    • Fixed Pricing For The Repairs That We Do. Unexpected and hidden charges do not exist.
    • 100% Guarantee On Each And Every Repair That We Do. No fine print.
    • We Offer Air Conditioning Services for Emergencies. Even on holidays and weekends.
    • We Only Use Certified Air Conditioning Repair Technicians. Our professionals have verifiable backgrounds.
              Repairs On All Brands & Models Of Air Conditioners.

You can also use our contact form online to schedule your air conditioning appointment for emergency services.

4 Most Common Air Conditioning Repair Problems

Outside A/C Unit Stops Working

If you have a condenser, which is an outside unit, and it won’t turn on, you might want to check to see if your thermostat is actually functioning properly. If you lower it by 5°, see if it goes on outside. If it’s a faulty thermostat, it will cause your AC units not function properly.
If you notice that that is working, then you need to check the circuit breaker for the AC unit. Generally they can be tripped, requiring you to push the switch off all the way, and then back on. This will reset the breaker, and if it does trip again, then you need to call someone to repair the problem.
Tall grass near the AC unit, or in close proximity to it, can cause it to stop functioning properly. It can actually get into the capacitor which can cause it to overload which is why it will cease to function. You need to call a professional if you think this is actually occurred.

Air Conditioning Runs But Isn’t Cooling Your Home

If you have air that is currently flowing to the vents, but it’s not cold, then your refrigerant could be low, or you have a stalled coil.
The coil is very important because it allows the air to run cold. The condenser fan will continue to run even if your coil is not functioning, which is why you might feel warm air instead of cold air coming out of the vents.
The most common problem is that you are low on refrigerant, in which case you might just need our a/c tune up service. Calling a professional is a good idea, they can handle any problems related to refrigerant, your coil, or any other issues with your AC unit.

Air Conditioning Unit Is Making Noise

There is the possibility that you will hear loud noises, squealing, or even what seems to be a vibration from your AC unit which will cause you to turn it off and call an HVAC technician.
If there is excessive noise, it could be due to the belt driven motors, or an improper installation.

Air Conditioner Turns On And Off Repeatedly

If your unit continues to go on and off, this is referred to as short cycling, and this is a problem that many of these AC units have. These problems could cause many issues.
If the outside unit or compressor on the outside is not working, this could be the problem. Since the compressor itself it sealed, primarily to protect the moving parts inside, they could be covered with dust or debris. Your air conditioning unit will finally shut down which is what is likely causing the lack of cold air. If it is short cycling, then refrigerant levels are likely low. Coils need air coming through your ducting system to cool down. If the airflow is actually leading to frozen coils, this could cause the short cycling problem as well.

Finally, if you have an AC unit that turns on and off quite often, the professional HVAC technicians with our company can help you with any and all of these repairs.

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